Day 01 / workshop introduction and work session idea.01

Long day today. The participants arrived in time, at 15:00 h, around 20 in number, architecture students, young architects and a set designer. Many of them with advanced knowledge in 3D digital modeling, computational design [Rhino and Grasshopper], and some with experience in digital fabrication.

The session began with a brief presentation of the tutors and the participants, and then went on with a lecture by Areti Nikolopoulou on “Digital Fabrication in Contemporary Architecture”. After this we presented the exercise / project, which consists in the creation of “a library, or catalog, of urban plug-ins to be uploaded in the Internet and fabricated in Absolut Lab.” The library of urban objects “is meant to be a kick-off state of an ongoing process where people-citizens, around the world, can download the designs to fabricate them in their local fablab, modify them again, or makes new ones to contribute to the library…”

Days 01 and 02 will be dedicated to the development of the idea; today and tomorrow we will be working in groups of two persons; day 03 will be dedicated to the development of the design; days 04 and 05 will be dedicated to fabrication; and eventually day 06 will be dedicated to assembly, installation of the pieces in public space and final presentation.

After the project presentation, we took a break, and then began with the first work sessions that wen on until after 9:00 pm.

Through the session we received visits from various people, including the local media and several architects and designers.

Tomorrow we will start again at 15:00 h. The afternoon session will include a lecture by Jose Pérez de Lama [17:00h] on “Free Licenses, Intellectual Property and Digital Fabrication”.


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