Day 02 / work session idea.02

One of the key elements of the project proposal is to design composite structures made out of digitally fabricated plywood pieces and “everyday objects”, easy to find in city life, inexpensive, standardized in sizes and geometries, that often end up as trash. Participants had to begin exploring a set of objects, there geometric and material properties in order to design this composites. In the picture the collection of objects from which we have departed…

Day 02 was fully dedicated to the development of the projects “ideas”, including the conceptualization and design of composite modules, and studies of potential grids /structures of growth departing from those. Series / grids considered have been linear, 2 dimensional and three dimensional. Tomorrow from 15:00 on we will start with presentations of the ideas of the 9 groups in the workshop. After a voting process among the participants and tutors, a first selection will be made to go on with 4 to 6 projects into the design [for fabrication] phase. Tonight, at closing time – around 22:00 – there was a good collection of good ideas. Let’s see how they they will have evolved by tomorrow afternoon.

Following, some images of the work space, participants and work models during todays session.


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