mutant broom!! by The Mutant Broom Project

This is a revolution! Beware! domestic utensils, before forgotten, revealed under the subversive  doctrines of Synergy. Mops, brooms, powder cleaners and other household tools have joined their efforts to generate a greater effect than the sum of them.
Joining by  triangular nodes, they propagate to the Earth by spatial structures such as a virus of civic disobedience.
The nodes may be interconnected, creating denser areas, and separate by sticks, lightening the structure to invade more space.
Our evil scientists are working on the development of the node that can join itself and with sticks, making the most of the material, its strength and cutting methods.
Remember, these structures are extremely dangerous, if ever you see it in the public space, feel free to submit a utensil.

Mutant brush work model idea phase 2010.10.19

Team: Fran Fernández Gallardo, Sergio F. García de la Riva, Francisco Martín, Javier Santamaría Galdón


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