Day 04 / design phase work session

Day 04 [yesterday]… 5 projects passed into the design phase… Teams were working in moving on from idea to fabrication design: cutting / prototyping their various pieces, and building their first versions of the pieces. This allowed most teams to fine tune fabrication details and general geometry, in order to have the final cutting files ready for Friday [today].

Projects / teams in this phase include:

1/ Mutant broom / spatial structure with digitally fabricated nodes and broom stick bars

2/ An-forme / textile-urban-roof-canopy incorporating plastic bottles

3/ Shining honey [former Multireflecting lamp] / hexagonal lamps with aluminum cooking containers

4/ Bote-mote / scissor structures with small plastic bottles articulation

5/ Bench-canopy / section structure with deploye cardboard covering

Fourth prototype node Mutant broom _ late hour of Thursday

Prototyping ane-forme

At the end of the day we are a half day behind schedule. We are going to be working in the morning to recover the lost time. Through the day, depending on the level of development, we will see which and how many of the projects will eventually be built.

Bote-mote prototype collapsed


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