Day 06 afternoon / guests

As we weren’t able to call everyone informing them about the opening rescheduling, several friends showed up in time for the [postponed] event, among other Andrés Perea and some of his students from UEM, Pablo Rica and Alicia Velázquez, Álvaro Castro and others. Today ended up a talking day. Nice but didn’t allow me to take care of more serious blogging. Hopefully this will come tomorrow 🙂

Eventually, everything is working swiftly, and we do have final fabrication files for all groups – even though two of the groups will take advantage of the extra time to make more improvements. For some of the projects we even have several proposal, variations – particularly the Mutant Brush project achieved two very efficient solutions. We will publish pics for this between tonight and tomorrow. By now, just the networking / “gossip” part…

Andrés Perea, Rodrigo Rubio and workshop tutors

Earlier in the day, we received the visit of Domenico di Siena from Ecosistema Urbano, Edgar González, Marina Romero from Basa [Canarias]…

Domenico di Siena de Ecosistema Urbano

Fran Fernández Gallardo, José Pérez de Lama, Edgar González y Laura González Malingraux


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  1. Great stuff, do inform me when you publish again something similar!

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