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Day 06 afternoon / guests

As we weren’t able to call everyone informing them about the opening rescheduling, several friends showed up in time for the [postponed] event, among other Andrés Perea and some of his students from UEM, Pablo Rica and Alicia Velázquez, Álvaro Castro and others. Today ended up a talking day. Nice but didn’t allow me to take care of more serious blogging. Hopefully this will come tomorrow 🙂

Eventually, everything is working swiftly, and we do have final fabrication files for all groups – even though two of the groups will take advantage of the extra time to make more improvements. For some of the projects we even have several proposal, variations – particularly the Mutant Brush project achieved two very efficient solutions. We will publish pics for this between tonight and tomorrow. By now, just the networking / “gossip” part…

Andrés Perea, Rodrigo Rubio and workshop tutors

Earlier in the day, we received the visit of Domenico di Siena from Ecosistema Urbano, Edgar González, Marina Romero from Basa [Canarias]…

Domenico di Siena de Ecosistema Urbano

Fran Fernández Gallardo, José Pérez de Lama, Edgar González y Laura González Malingraux


Day 05 / workshop visitors

Several friends passed yesterday through the absolut lab, stopping by to check the development of the workshop. Some pictures here:

Ángel and Uri from Absolut, Gustavo Valera [Absolut Lab] and workshop tutor Jose P. de Lama in workshop space

Belén Gil [Absolut Lab], tutor Areti Nikolopoulou and architect friends by the show window of the lab

Tutor AN with Pablo Rica, architect, professor of UEM and specialist in digital fabrication

Eventually we were happy to talk for a while with digital art critic and curator José Luis de Vicente, and Eduardo Rega architect and author of the “spam-to-maps”, among some other friends.

Workshop visitors and contributors

Through these days we have been having various visitors to the workshop, friends, people interested in the new facilities of Absolut Lab and the particular topics proposed by the workshop. Some of them in the following pictures:

Equipo de Innovación del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
[2010.10.22] Innovation team – Dirección General de Innovación del Ayuntamiento de Madrid [Madrid City Hall], with Irene Aláez [subdirector Absolut Lab] and workshop tutors

Tutors with Pepe Ballesteros [ETSAM and Pasajes magazine] and Rodrigo Rubio [Absolut Lab]
[2010.10.21] Tutors with José Ballesteros [ETSAM and Pasajes magazine] and Rodrigo Rubio [Absolut Lab]

Shane Salisbury, Susana Velasco and tutors
[2010.10.20] Shane Salisbury [Absolut Lab], Susana V. and tutors

Workshop begins tomorrow!

We are very happy to open this blog!

We are in Madrid and ready to start tomorrow a new workshop on digital fabrication, everyday life, urban intervention and free culture. The workshop will be taking place in a very interesting place, Absolut Lab, that was just inaugurated. The Lab is part of the “Center for Bits and Atoms” Fab Lab network and promises to bring a lot of action to the Spanish capital…

We intend “The Commons Factory” to become a long term research and production project. “::plug ins at santa ana” will be the first event.