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Mutant brush on

We started uploading the projects on the platform by the makerbot people to share fabrication files in a creative commons environment.

This is the link for our first project in the platform. We will be completing the entry with additional information: further pictures, assembly manual, etc.

Link to mutant brush / the commons factory on thingiverse >>


Day 04 lecture on free licenses…

Diagram of various agents to be involved in the development of a free fabrication machine that might be relevant from a social, technical and economic point of view – josé pérez de lama / the commons factory _ / 2010

The workshop is so busy… hectic… that we haven’t had the time yet to dedicate an hour to the presentation on “Free licenses, intellectual property and digital fabrication”. Here i am uploading the presentation [pdf 2 MB], and we will have to find the time to discuss this issues at some moment, as working with free licenses and sharing the library of urban plug ins is one of the key points of the commons factory…