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Mutant brush now on Thingiverse

The Mutant brass project now is on Thingiverse! You can download it and fabricate it on your own! Send us your ideas or upload what you did with it! You can even modify it! If you do so, upload your modification, so we can all learn from each other!

To download the fabrication files we made, through Thingiverse click here!

Anforme now on Thingiverse

We uploaded Anforme of Thingiverse so we can share it with everyone!
You can download the fabrication file here!
Tell us what you think!

Shiny Honeycomb now on Thingiverse

We have uploaded the fabrication files or the S.Honeycomb on Thingiverse! Now anyone can download and fabricate it!
To download the files through Thingiverse click here.

Mutant brush on thingiverse.com

We started uploading the projects on thingiverse.com the platform by the makerbot people to share fabrication files in a creative commons environment.

This is the link for our first project in the platform. We will be completing the entry with additional information: further pictures, assembly manual, etc.

Link to mutant brush / the commons factory on thingiverse >>

[2010.10.23] Debate about free fabrication

Eventually today, mid afternoon, we made the brief presentation about “Free licenses, intellectual property and digital fabrication” that was followed by a very active discussion on the possibilities of translating the free software open source mode of production and distribution into digital fabrication of everyday objects, and even architecture…

Download presentation 2MB